Make the right start with your family

For you to make a successful transition to the Netherlands, your family needs to be happy too. That’s why we’ve put together a package of services especially for families.

Depending on the shape and size of your family, we can tailor the package especially for you. Services include help with:

Primary Schools

  • Q&A sessions on the Dutch education system
  • Finding the best school for your children
  • Setting up school visits
  • School registration
  • Personalized assistance with schools
  • Dutch language training for your children

Sports clubs, hobbies and after-school activities

  • Extra-curricular activities for children
  • Arranging of swimming classes
  • School holiday activities
  • Help with choosing the best after-school care (BSO)

Dutch language lessons for the whole family

  • Special group lessons for families learning together
  • Dutch refresher classes after the school holidays
  • School help for primary school children

Having a baby in the Netherlands

  • Q&A session on pregnancy and birth in the Netherlands
  • Tips and tricks for your baby shopping list
  • Zwangerschapsverlof (Maternity leave)
  • Ouderschapsverlof (Parental leave)
  • Your rights as a pregnant employee

Child-related allowances

  • Kinderbijslag (child benefit allowance)
  • Kindgebonden budget (supplement to kinderbijslag)
  • Kinderopvangtoeslag (childcare rebate)

Spouse support

  •  Assistance with family reunification (permits etc.)
  •  Helping your spouse to build his or her own social network
  • Arranging the non-working spouse tax credit

 For details of our Tax packages click here