Professional tax advice and assistance

  • Application for the 30% tax ruling for Highly Skilled Migrants
  • Personal (income) tax refund services
  • Accountancy services for small businesses
  • Application for digital signature (DigiD) when filing your taxes electronically
    (and many other official forms)
  • Filling out the ‘M-form’ in the years of your arrival and departure,
    which may result in a substantial rebate

Your family might be entitled to some extra tax rebates such as:

  • Kinderbijslag (child benefit allowance)
  • Kindgebonden budget (supplement to kinderbijslag)
  • Kinderopvangtoeslag (child care refund)
  • Alleenstaandeouderkorting (single parent’s tax credit)
  • Toeslag niet-werkende partner (non-working spouse allowance)

We are happy to help you to apply for these refunds, explain Dutch tax rules, and translate letters from the tax office (Belastingdienst).

See also our Family package