Personal Shopping – finding your way around town

431.97 (incl. VAT)


This personal shopping session contains:

  • 30-minute phone conversation to discuss your needs, preferences, budget, personal style, and Dutch living style
  • Pre-selection of suitable clothes by Carina
  • Joint shopping trip of four hours to your new favorite shops

Extra: A 1-hour Style Update session to get to know your new favorite shops.



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Please find more detailed info below under ‘DESCRIPTION‘.

Product Description

Having just moved to a new place can make shopping very time consuming when doing it on your own. Carina Personal Styling helps you to navigate the Dutch stores and boutiques and saves you time.

During the personal shopping session you discover what looks best on you and how to build a wardrobe of major pieces and accessories that reflect your personal style and Dutch living style. We first discuss your needs, preferences, what clothes and accessories you need and your budget. Carina does a pre-selection of clothes. Then we go shopping together.

Carina van der Kloet: “I combine my intuition with my experience and knowledge to find everything you need from clothing to accessories.”


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Carina Personal Styling is a personal presentation, identity and image agency specialized in helping professional men and women maximize their personal impact through dress. In a new environment, it can be important to ‘stand out’ without ‘sticking out’. We understand. Our job is to help you fit in easily and comfortably in your new living and work environment, but still clearly express your individual identity and your own personal style. Our motto is: Dress Like You Mean It – and we take that very seriously! Our services include personal shopping, wardrobe planning and perfecting your personal style.

Short bio:

Carina van der Kloet is founder and has more than twenty years of experience. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York City she specialized in what clothes say about you and the message you send. From an early age she was fascinated by styling. As a daughter of a diplomat, she grew up in Morocco, Cameroon, Burundi, the United States and France, and had extensive stays in the Middle East. She speaks English, French and Dutch.

Contact details: 

Carina van der Kloet, Personal Stylist at Carina Personal Styling
Tel: +31(0)20 6853415 or +31(0)6 26330280