Life Coaching: How to deal with your stress

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This How to deal with your stress package contains:

  • One intake meeting of 45 mins
  • One regular coaching session of 75 mins
  • Extra: One Ad Hoc Boost Session of 30 minutes by Skype (to be used when needed, but no later than 3 months after the last regular coaching session)

Max. one voucher per person.



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Product Description


Life and work in particular can be complicated. This is particularly true when you are an expat, as not only can you be confronted by “regular” issues in life like anxieties and the feeling of shortcomings in your professional or private life, but there are also issues related to living in a foreign country. These issues include being homesick or a feeling of not belonging either here or at home, loneliness, missing people and places, and difficulties in dealing with the changes required when living elsewhere such as socially integrating.

The combination of the regular anxieties and those specially related to being an expat can cause stress to build up fast, and to high levels. During the completely confidential sessions*, I will help you to determine what is causing the stress, know how to recognize it in an early stage, and learn how to deal with it in such a way that it does not stop you from feeling and functioning well.

Depending on the topic, we will combine talking with relevant exercises.

*) I am a member of the only official professional organization for coaches in the Netherlands, NOBCO. Bound by their ethical rules, I am not allowed to disclose the contents of the sessions.

How it works:

Life Coaching takes place in periodic sessions. We start off with an intake of 45 minutes, in which we determine what your challenges are and how I can help you to address them.

This is followed by the regular coaching sessions. In the beginning these are close together, but as time progresses you will be more and more able to “do it yourself”, and the time in between sessions will increase. The number of sessions needed varies for each client, and also depends on the issues being addressed.

The Ad Hoc Boost Session is not a regular coaching session, but a 30-minute Skype session that is an extra aid when you have additional questions or anxieties in between regular sessions. It is very common during the development process to feel anxieties about the progress (or perceived lack of it) at certain moments. Often this happens when significant progress has been made at an early stage and then the feeling occurs that progress has stopped. Self-development is not a linear process; it moves in waves, up and down, and then up again. It is completely normal to feel anxious when the wave is not moving up as fast as you expected or got used to. In between regular sessions, the Ad Hoc Boost Session can be the “boost in the right direction” you need.


Max. one voucher per person


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My coaching practice offers both Life coaching and Business coaching to Expats.

Being married to an “ex-expat” and with most of my friends having an expat background, it is no surprise that part of my business is aimed at expats and their specific needs in addition to the “regular” life coaching issues. The part of my practice serving expats is

My expat coaching practice offers both Life coaching, as described above, and Business coaching.

As a Business coach I offer two services. The first is mentoring and being a sparring partner for managers/owners of SME organizations. The second is idea coaching, which is aimed at helping people with new business ideas, or existing SMEs with new ideas for products or services. Combining my 20 years of experience in sales and marketing with my coaching experience, I will help you to ask yourself the difficult questions to get to the core of your idea, thus shaping it into something feasible and ready to execute.

Short Bio:

I am Rob Lacroix, 52 years of age and born and raised in Amsterdam. After living for about a decade in Amstelveen, I am now living in and working from Almere, just 21 minutes by train from Amsterdam.

I worked in marketing and sales for about 20 years, and though I was good at it, it wasn’t my calling. After some long and deep soul searching I came to the conclusion that my passion was really in helping people become better functioning and happier versions of themselves.

So I went back to school and finished a further education course to become a coach. In September 2016, after coaching for a while next to my regular job, I started my own coaching practice.

Contact details:

Rob Lacroix – Expat Coaching Company
Galopstraat 20
1326 RP Almere
Tel: +31 (0)36 – 848 34 77