30% Ruling Tax Advantage Application

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Application for the 30% tax ruling (relevant to the foreign employees working in the Netherlands).

Extra: 20% discount on the regular price of 437.50 euros.



Ognjen Soldat MSc, Tax Consultant at JAN© Accountants and Tax Advisors

Ognjen Soldat MSc










JAN auditors & tax advisors






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Product Description

The 30% ruling offers a significant tax advantage to foreign employees working in the Netherlands. If the requirements for the ruling are met (including what is known as the distance and specific skills requirement), the employer can grant a tax-free allowance of 30% of the salary subject to Dutch payroll tax. The tax-free allowance is a compensation for extraterritorial expenses foreign employees have for working outside their home country.

We will be glad to assist you with the whole application procedure, as we have successfully done for many other applicants. With our extensive experience and high success rate, your application will be in good hands. Feel free to call us to find out quickly whether you meet the requirements for the ruling.

This offer is valid at the JAN© office in Zwanenburg


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Short bio:

My name is Ognjen Soldat. I was born in Bosnia and moved to the Netherlands when I was ten years old—so in a sense I’m an expat myself :-). After finishing a master’s in Business Administration and Fiscal Economics 10 years ago, I started working as a tax advisor. I have worked for several large, well-known accounting firms but also smaller and ‘leaner’ companies such as JAN©, with 150 employees. Based in four offices close to Amsterdam and Leiden (Purmerend, Zwanenburg, Rijnsburg, Weesp), there’s always a JAN© office nearby. I have a lot of experience in tax (savings) structures for those who wish to start a business in the Netherlands, or move a business to the country. But also if you are employed and/or have a family and wish to make use of the numerous tax advantages and subsidies in the Netherlands, you are very welcome to talk your opportunities through with me.

Contact details: 

Ognjen Soldat MSc, Tax Consultant at JAN© Accountants and Tax Advisors
Dennenlaan 16
1161 CR Zwanenburg
Tel: +31(0)88 2202321 or +31(0)6 81208711