Expatrentals will help you find the perfect rental home for you and your family!

The Netherlands is a wonderful country to live in. If you’re from another country, and are not familiar with the culture and system, it’s easy to get lost in rules and regulations. Expatrentals will lead you through every aspect in the field of housing. Our service is focused on the personal wishes of the expat. We will inform you about the pros and cons of specific areas, types of housing and other practical issues. Expatrentals works exclusively on your behalf and negotiates the best deal for you! Besides, we act as your primary source of information during the term of the tenancy agreement. We will provide a warm welcome and deliver a professional service!

Short bio:

Spencer and Guido met in 2009, when they were both working as brokers in the Amsterdam real estate market. 18 months ago, when Guido’s employer said he wanted to sell the business, Guido and Spencer were keen to take it over straight away. This they did—and it has been a great success!
Besides running a large database with properties, they also specialize in providing housing solutions for individuals and their families.

Contact details:

Guido Meij – Owner and founder at Expatrentals

Panamalaan 5F
1019 AS Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Tel: +31 (0)20 47 00 749 or +31 (0)6 43 12 60 68

Expatrentals is registered under No: 64760154 at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

EXCLUSIVE NEW2NL OFFER: Expatrentals will help you find the perfect rental home for you and your family when moving to the Netherlands.   This offer has no fixed price. The fee for our services is one month rent, excl. VAT. Please add this item to your cart and follow the instructions on your voucher. Our colleagues at Expatrentals will contact you within two working days for a personal, no-obligation quote.   When you purchase this service through the Navigate the Netherlands Package, you will receive a one hour (free) canal cruise offered by Lovers Canal Cruises. This is a fantastic way to explore your new home country with your family! This voucher remains valid for six months, so you can also use it when you live elsewhere in the country and visit Amsterdam as a tourist. After you have signed our assignment, you will receive more detailed information about the cruise.   Upon downloading this voucher, you agree to the terms & conditions of Expatrentals.   OFFERED BY: Guido Meij – Owner and founder at Expatrentals   Picture of Guido Meij                   Logo of Expatrentals    Please find more detailed info below under 'DESCRIPTION'.