SPIN Ideas

is a marketing agency focused on helping startups and SMEs to create their marketing strategies.

We help you define the profile of your audience, create your content, video and social media strategy, identify strategic partners and provide you with daily planning, telling you what marketing activities need to be implemented that day. Each marketing strategy that we create has the story of the client and of the brand at its core.

We also love to educate our clients on marketing topics, so we write a post every week about different marketing topics.

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Short bio:

My name is Veronica and I am a Marketing and Business Development expert. I started SPIN Ideas because I am passionate about stories, startups and marketing.

With over 15 years’ experience in the workplace, I came across a lot of situations and learned from them. Now I want to use my experience to help startups tell their story and realize their dreams. I do that through my articles and working directly with entrepreneurs, helping them create a marketing strategy and implement it, as described on SPIN Ideas’ site, https://spinideas.nl.

Contact details:

Veronica Guguian – founder of SPIN Ideas

Tel: +31 (0)627002724

  • Monthly face-to-face or Skype session of 2 hours for a period of 3 months to analyze the results of your marketing activities and plan for the next month.
  • Based on what worked, we will define the goals and steps for the month to come.
  • Provide a calendar of the marketing activities for the month to come.
  • Extra: 1 session of 1 hour advising on your content strategy (either face-to-face or on Skype)
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