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VanOoijen helps individuals, families and companies from abroad save taxes, grow their personal or business wealth and minimize legal risks. After 20 years of helping clients from abroad succeed financially in The Netherlands, we know we can help you too.

    • Experience: 20 years of experience in international taxes
    • Quick service: our flat and lean business structure enables us to get quickly back with you and help you in a very time efficient manner
    • Reliability of certified accountants and tax consultants: our people have all the top-notch degrees in our field and are obligated to update their knowledge continuously



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Have you always dreamed of living with your family in a vibrant, internationally minded country with the happiest children in the world? Have you just received an unbeatable job offer in Amsterdam? Or maybe you have moved here because of your partner’s job and you are looking to start up a business of your own?

Whatever your reason for moving to the Netherlands, New2nl is here to support your family through all phases of your relocation.

Conversely, if your time in the Netherlands is about to end and you are preparing for your next adventure, you have also found the right place!

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