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This week, most group 8 pupils have received their final advice (advies).
If the results of the transition test were higher than their preliminary advice, the final advice should be increased, unless the school can strongly prove that a higher advice isn’t in the benefit of the child.
If the test results were lower, the preliminary advice automatically becomes the final advice. The final advice cannot get lower than the pre-advice.

For the first time, the whole country applies at the same time for secondary school: between 25 and 31 March. It makes no difference on which day you apply.
How to apply for a secondary school depends on where you live.

Is your child currently in group 8, and will they apply this March for the Dutch secondary schools in Amsterdam? You’ll need to submit your list of 4, 6 or 12 schools for the lottery. Are you still in doubt which schools to put on your list, or in which order?
Book this check-up call now, and we’ll talk things through.

I really hope that your child will get their #1 school, but of course there is no guarantee.
Fingers crossed!

If you need more generic information about secondary schools in the Netherlands, I invite you to book a call through the New2NL website.