On Monday, August 22nd, the pupils in the Central region of the Netherlands (region ‘Midden’ – the area between Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Leiden, and Apeldoorn), will go back to school again, after 6 weeks of summer vacation.

One week later, the schools in the Southern region will open, and the 3rd and final region -North- will return on September 4th.

On this national website you can find all the school vacations and regions. Always check the website of your school, as the schools may add an extra day or week off here and there.

This is a good time to check if everything still fits; especially gym shoes have the habit to be outgrown by the end of the summer vacation. I usually wash the school bags of my children as well, and ask myself whether their lunch boxes and bottles will still last another year.

Most school supplies for primary schools are provided, but make sure to check the school’s list carefully as it varies per school. It is common that the pupils of the higher classes need to buy an agenda. And maybe a pencil case with some basic items, a folder to store all the loose papers, or headphones.

Secondary school

Will your child start secondary school in the Netherlands soon? Exciting! Usually the secondary schools start a few days later and not all classes at the same time, so check the schedule of your child’s class in advance. On the New2NL website you can find some practical information to help you navigate this new world.

For the children who still have 1 or 2 weeks to spare, InAmsterdam has created an extensive list of activities, specializing language of instruction, location, duration, and costs. Please note that most of these camps are day camps, where the children sleep at home.

Next to that, Kidsproof has collected a lot of info on vacation camps, for which you can choose between activities with or without overnight stay (also available in other cities).

Were you thinking of prolonging your summer vacation? Be careful. The Dutch school attendance law is very strict, and the same for all. In this article I explain the do’s and dont’s.

Are you still looking for a school, or would you ask some questions about a specific school? Book a call via, and we’ll help you further.

I wish you all a good start of the new school year!