School update after tonight’s press conference:
Schools stay closed until at least April 28th because of the Coronavirus. For many schools, this means that one or two weeks of May vacation will be added to this period. 
For an English summary of the news, go to NOS in English on Facebook. Here you can also find the other measurements that have been taken to try and prevent further spread of the virus. In short; Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Stay at home as much as possible. Only go out if necessary and keep it short, and with not more than two people (families excluded). Always keep 1.5 meters distance from each other. When you have a cold, you should stay inside and when a family member has a fever, the whole family has to stay home. Children up to age 12 may still play outside, but also have to keep 1.5 meters distance, and don’t play in big groups. Elderly and vulnerable people may not receive any guests for the time being, and when other people do receive guests, there may not be more than three guests at the same time and the distance of 1.5 meters still applies.
If people don’t adhere to these rules, they risk getting fined. You could call 0900-8844 when people don’t respect the rules (if you don’t want to or can’t ask them personally).
A further update about the Coronavirus and education in the Netherlands, you can read in my latest newsletter.
The school vacations divided per region you can find here. Amsterdam is located in region North (Noord).
Stay healthy and safe and wash your hands!
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