Expat Republic article

My article ‘Education for Your Child in The Netherlands – Going Dutch or Going International?’ has been published on the Expat Republic website.
Did you choose for a Dutch or an international school for your children? And for which reasons? I am curious to know.
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As an expat or international in the Netherlands, you’re in for a world of discoveries, not least choosing a suitable school for your child. With its high-standard education system and diverse teaching styles, finding the proper education for your child can be both exciting and scary. One of the main choices international parents face is: Do I put my kid into a Dutch or an International school? The answer is always ‘it depends’. For this article, we’ve enlisted the help of an incredible lady, Annebet van Mameren, from New2NL. She has over a decade of experience helping international families choose which school best suits them and their children. Below, we discuss a few points to consider when choosing between international or Dutch schools for your child.

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