Eenpitter school lottery coming up

School lottery Amsterdam

Was your child born between 1 May and 31 August 2013, and do you live in Amsterdam?

Then tomorrow (Sept. 27th) is the lottery deadline for most of the EENPITTER schools!

Like most other schools in the Netherlands, eenpitter schools are funded by the government, therefore they are not private schools. They have their own board, which usually consists of parents, or the foundation that set them up. Up to a certain extent they are allowed to create their own rules. They have decided not to take part in the central lottery system. They have their own application form, lottery deadline, and catchment area.
You may apply for the eenpitter schools, and central school separately. The next lottery deadline for the central schools is November 1st.

Which schools are we talking about?

Centrum: ASVO
South: Amsterdamse Montessorischool (AMS), Willemsparkschool, Cornelis Vrij, Peeterschool, Hildebrand van Loonschool, 1e Openluchtschool, 2e Openluchtschool, Geert Groote 1, Geert Groote 2, Buitenveldertse Montessorischool (BMS).
Cornelis Vrij has a separate lottery altogether.

Do you need help filling out the form, or understand the process? Book a Skype call!

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