Happy people, healthy business.

Leave the heavy lifting to us so that your employees can settle in happily and focus on their work.

Happy people, healthy business

Leave the heavy lifting to us so that your employees can settle in happily and focus on their work.

As an employer, you know how important it is to have happy, focused employees.

Of course, that’s not easy when they’ve just moved their entire family to a new country and are still finding their bearings. Their highest priority is to make sure those they love most are settling in and taken care of.

With their kids happy in a school that suits them well, your employees can relax and fully focus on work.

Our extensive experience ranges from small companies to big corporations, and our service always caters to each individual employee.

In-house presentations

Our in-house presentations, which we make open to all your employees, give an introduction to the Dutch schooling system, and answer the most common questions.

They are popular amongst employees who have just moved to the Netherlands, as well as those who may be thinking about starting a family, having already lived in the country for some time.

Dedicated housing & schooling package

If you’re recruiting outside of the Netherlands, it can be really reassuring for your new employees to know that they and their families will be well taken care of when they move.

Our dedicated housing & schooling package puts their children’s education first. We identify the best school for them, and then our partners in real estate find great housing within that school’s catchment area.

Bespoke consultancy sessions

Your employees get a one-to-one session with us where we discuss all the schooling options available to them. We cover both international and Dutch schools, help them understand the process, and determine where their kids will be happiest.

These sessions can be in person or online, and are for both people who have already moved to the Netherlands, and those still preparing their relocation. Each session includes preparation, so it is personalised beforehand, as well as a follow-up to make sure your employees feel fully supported.

Interested in our corporate offers?

Although we provide special offers to our corporate clients, you can also refer your employees to work privately with us.

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