Update 15 December, 5:30 pm:
Breaking (very sad) news!
Yesterday evening at 7pm, prime minister Rutte has made an important announcement about the new corona measures.
From this morning we are in a hard lockdown. This means that all non-essential stores are closed, as well as the ‘contact professions’ like hairdressers, nail studios and massage saloons. Also all theaters, museums, zoos, casinos. and indoor sports facilities and gyms are closed.
Restaurants, bars, and clubs will remain closed.
Shops that sell mainly food, chemists, pharmacies, opticians, hearing specialists, and stores that carry out repairs and maintenance may remain open.
Both primary and secondary schools, schools for secondary vocation education (MBO) and higher education institutions (universities and HBO) will close as of this Wednesday, and will have to teach online.
Also the preschools and daycares will be closed.
There will be exceptions for students sitting exams this academic year, as well as for practical training, and to support vulnerable pupils and students.
Primary schools and childcare centres will remain open for children whose parents work in critical sectors. This group includes parents who work in medical professions, for the police, fire brigade, in the food chain, etc. You can find a complete list here.
The number of visitors at people’s homes has also been reduced. You may not receive more than two visitors aged 13 at your house per day. Because of Christmas, on 24, 25 and 26 December you may receive three visitors aged 13 or over at home.
Children aged 17 and under may take part in team sports, including matches with teams within their own club, but only outdoors.
When you arrive in the Netherlands from outside of the EU, you’ll have to show a negative Covid test.
So far, it sounds like there won’t be a curfew.
This will all last until January 19th. With the current measures, the government had hoped to reach a maximum of 3,600 positive tests per day, but now we have reached almost 10,000. The pressure on the health care system is getting too high again and the situation is not sustainable anymore. I had wished so much to prevent all this….
A good source of information in English about the corona measurements you can also find here: www.facebook.com/NOSinEnglish
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