Girl playing at a preschool in Amsterdam

On Wednesday, 16 November the municipality of Amsterdam organizes information markets on preschools at various library locations (OBA) throughout the city.

Time: 9:30am to 12pm

At the info market, they have also arranged for various educational and musical activities, and you can get a free library membership for your child.

You may apply on the spot for a preschool in your neighborhood. There is a waiting list for most preschools, and you may apply from age 1.

The exact locations you can find on:

Voorschool is meant for children aged 2.5 till 4. In Amsterdam, all children may attend 2 half days for free. Children with a VVE-indication (based on a language delay in their native language and/or their parents being lower-educated) may attend 4 half days for free. Children without an indication can also go 4 half days (provided there is a space), but then the parents have to pay a contribution for the extra 2 days, depending on their household income.

It is not obligatory to send your child to preschool, but it is a good way to prepare for primary school. They focus on Dutch language acquisition and social skills. The teachers have a dedicated preschool teaching diploma.

Preschools are connected to a primary school. It has some advantages selecting a primary school first and then apply for the connected preschool. Although most primary schools WON’T give you priority without a VVE-indication, your child will already have some friends at the start of school, and the preschool program continues through to group 1&2.

The school lottery will decide at which school your child gets a place, so you have no guarantee to end up at the connected primary school.

In this article that I wrote for IamExpat you can read how the application and lottery system works:

On you can find the schools you can choose from and the timeline for your application.

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