The Navigate the Netherlands package is now live!

Today I have a Big Announcement to make. One I have been dreaming of, pondering about and feeling overwhelmed about for at least three years now:


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As most of you already know, I am specialized in helping international families find a school for their children in the Netherlands. As you can imagine – and have maybe also experienced yourself when you relocated here – many families could use much more support and guidance than finding a school alone.
For many internationals I am one of the first Dutch people they have a conversation with, and therefore I am often asked for recommendations for other companies that work with internationals. I know many local businesses and have always been happy and proud to refer my fantastic clients to them.

So I thought it was time to do something more structural with this idea. I am super excited about this project, which is called the Navigate the Netherlands package, and I hope you will share my joy.

Picture of family packing their moving boxes

Start your own business/new career in the Netherlands

Start your (school) life in the Netherlands

Leaving the Netherlands






You are warmly invited to go to the Special Offers page on my website:
You’ll see that there are four categories where our trusted, local, but internationally minded partners offer you selected products and services to support your family through all phases of your relocation:
(a) Before moving to the Netherlands, (b) Starting your life in the Netherlands, (c) Starting your own business/new career, and (d) Leaving the Netherlands (and starting a new adventure).

Logo Voorleeshoek for New2nl Navigate the Netherlands package

There is an extra incentive waiting for each of the first 25 customers of the Navigate the Netherlands package: you will get a free 3-month online subscription to the Voorleeshoek (‘children’s stories’ reading corner’)! The Voorleeshoek is a great way for your children to improve their Dutch. Using a computer or tablet, they can listen to great Dutch children’s books read by professional, native speakers.

New2nl; Navigate the Netherlands – Are you ready for the ride?

Best wishes,


Our partners per category (some new partners will be added very soon, so watch this space):

Before moving to the Netherlands
Atlas International Movers

Starting your life in the Netherlands
Cristina Stoian Portraits
JAN© Accountants and Tax Advisors
Water Babies
Carina Personal Styling
Expat Coaching Company
Dynamic Cooking
Your Looking Glass

Starting your own business/new career
SPIN Ideas
JAN© Accountants and Tax Advisors
English Editing Netherlands
Your Looking Glass
Carina Personal Styling
Expat Coaching Company

Leaving the Netherlands (and starting a new adventure)
TK Roberts Film and Photography
Atlas International Movers


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