Education update after corona press conference


Follow this short Corona update.
This evening the prime minister and health minister held another corona press conference.
Unfortunately, the number of cases is going up again. So far, this hasn’t lead to a drastic increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths, but some new measures are needed to prevent worse situations.
Most of the new rules are directed to young adults between 20 and 30, larger groups and cafe-goers. They will take effect this Sunday at 6pm.
What will change in relation to children and schools?
– Since small children show to contribute very little to the spread of the virus, children up to age 12 with mild symptoms don’t need to get tested anymore to be allowed to go to school (previously, many young children had to stay home or get tested just because of a snotty nose). They may still get tested, if the parents want that.
– Teachers (and health care workers) get priority when they need to get tested. There is not enough testing capacity, and while a teacher was waiting for a test appointment and then the results, entire classes were sent home (and received online education again). Now they can hopefully all get back quicker (and in good health, of course).
There will be some additional measures in regions where the numbers of cases are highest- mainly in the Western part of the Netherlands.
Here you can find the additional Amsterdam measures which have been announced yet.
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