New2nl is 6 years old!

Today New2nl is 6 years old!

I am very proud how far we have come in those exciting six years.

* Our client base has grown again, with families from many different countries – USA, UK, Turkey, Australia and South Africa being the majority.
* I work together with some great corporate clients, for example, Netflix, Stryker, and SantaFe Relocations.
* I have given many seminars on the Dutch education system; at expat fairs, at the invitation of companies, daycares, and playgroups, plus already four years for the municipality of Leiden.
* I have written and published articles on the Dutch education system for renown international magazines and websites.
* I have set up the Guide2nl one-stop-shop for international families and professionals in the Netherlands.

Guide2nl logo

Logo Relocate AWARDSAnd the cherry on the cake:

* New2nl got nominated for the 2nd time for the Re:Locate awards in London in the category of family and employee services!

In the Netherlands ‘real’ school starts at 6 years old, when the children learn to read and write. 

Also New2nl will make some big steps at this age, with not one, but two new websites. I will start giving webinars and we’ll bring the Guide2nl to a higher level in the coming months. Stay tuned!

When children celebrate their birthday in the Netherlands, they bring a treat for their classmates. 

Of course, I have also made two treats for you:

1. When you book a call for the first week of the summer vacation (July 15 – 19), you’ll get a 15% discount on Package B – PERSONALIZED SCHOOL ADVISORY SERVICE. 

Send an email with your preferred date & time to and don’t forget to quote *New2nl6*.

2. Receive a 10% extra discount on the services offered through the Guide2nl. Check your favourite service provider on  Click on the ‘I am interested’ button and don’t forget to quote *New2nl6* in the comment box. 

Our partners offer services in the categories of: before moving to the Netherlands, helping you settle, starting up your own business or a new career, and leaving the Netherlands again. This discount is valid until Friday, July 5th. The provider will apply your discount on their final invoice.

New2nl 6 years old



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