School lottery application Amsterdam


Was your child born between 1 January and 30 April 2020, and do you live in Amsterdam?

If so, then your school lottery deadline is on Thursday, June 1st. 

You’ll have to hand in your application form at the first school of your preference, in person.

On this form you rank at least five schools in order of your preference. 

You have equal priority for the eight central schools closest to your house. You may also list schools where you don’t have priority, but you should realize that your chances will be smaller there.

A lot more information, as well as the blank application form, you can find on the Schoolwijzer Amsterdam website. Below you can find the translation of the form.

In this video I explain how the school lottery system in Amsterdam works. The video is a bit old, but still relevant. 

Is it still confusing you? Book your 1-on-1 call through the Families page on the New2NL website, and I’ll guide you through it.

Good luck– I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! I would appreciate if you could let me know at which school your child got a spot after the lottery.


Do you want to learn more about the Dutch education system?

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Translation of the blank application form (central schools):

Personal details of child

 Mijn kind is een jongen / meisje / anders / geen opgave: My child is a boy/girl/other/no answer

Voornaam kind: First name of child

Achternaam kind: Last name of child

Woonadres (straat + huisnummer): Current address of child (street name + house number)

Postcode: Postcode / ZIP code (you’ll get priority for the eight schools closest to your house)

Woonplaats: City 

Geboortedatum kind:……(date of birth of child, DD-MM-YYYY; in order to avoid confusion, please write the name of the month in letters)

Gegevens contactouder (wettelijk vertegenwoordiger) Personal details of first parent/guardian

De heer/mevrouw/familie: Mr./Ms/family (circle which one is applicable)

Achternaam: Last name

Voorletters: Initials (first letter of first name, and middle name(s) – if applicable) (Not of last name)

Telefoonnummer: Phone number

Emailadres: Email address

In case the parent lives at a different address than the child, s/he needs to fill out their address below. If the same, leave blank.

Tick the applicable boxes (This only applies to your #1 school):

1/ An older sibling is already at the same school -> add name of older sibling

2/ Your child has a VVE-indication, they attend the connected preschool, and this school is in your priority area (some more rules apply),

3/ Your child attends the preschool of an IKC/brede school, and this school is in your priority area 

4/ A parent has a fixed contract at the school

Schoolvoorkeur: Choice of schools

Please list at least five schools in order of your preference (your favorite school comes at #1)

Aanvullende opmerkingen: Additional comments

When you sign this form, you declare to have answered the questions truthfully.

Datum: Today’s date

Naam ouder/verzorger: First + last name of parent/guardian

Handtekening ouder/verzorger: signature of parent/guardian