The Netherlands: a good place to raise children

I get often asked the question whether the Netherlands is a good place to raise children

Picture of Happy teenagers

Happy teenagers – Flickr by TheTribalBible

A recent study by Coca Cola has confirmed what we already knew from other studies like The Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) survey: Dutch teenagers are the happiest of Europe, and also happier than American teens. They like to go to school, have lots of friends and are less involved in fights and bullying. They have a good relationship with their parents and feel healthy.
And from earlier studies conducted by Unicef we already learned that Dutch children are the happiest of all.
From the OECD/Pisa survey we know that Dutch high school students perform among the best in the world.

So in short; YES, the Netherlands is a good place to raise your kids.

See also this article on the quality of the Dutch education system (I have been interviewed for it as well!), this research by Unicef, and more stuff about the Dutch teens.


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