New2NL has been shortlisted again for the Relocate Global Awards in London, in the category of Excellence in Education – schools/education consultancy!
I am so proud. So much recognition for my hard work. I am one of the few small business owners among all nominees – some are very big, global organizations. That is already an award in itself.
I have participated three times before; in 2017, 2019 and 2020. All these times New2NL was shortlisted.
This year, the winners will be announced on June 6th. Fingers crossed!
Relocate Global will also celebrate their 20th Anniversary on this occasion, so it will be an even greater event.
Relocate Awards 2019Relocate Global 2019
They are still using two pictures of me from the 2019 award ceremony that I attended. It was an amazing event!
Check out the Relocate Global website for all the nominees. Congratulations everyone!

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