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What people are saying about new2nl

Katya Barrins

We have known Annebet since November 2017, when we first arrived in Amsterdam from Melbourne, Australia. Annebet helped us with the whole process of searching and applying for primary school for our son and preschool for our daughter before our arrival in the Netherlands so we could hit the ground running.

One year on, our both children are now at primary school (Dutch primary school!), speak Dutch and are very happy, being surrounded by their new friends!

Annebet’s skills and experience go beyond finding and applying for schools, advising on the best school options.

November is the famous Sinterklaas season in the Netherlands and Annebet is busy organising social gatherings and parties to involve us and other new families and get us familiar with Dutch traditions and customs, while exchanging experiences regarding school and life in general.

What a lovely tradition and idea to gather us all and get into this festive Dutch spirit! Thank you so much, Annebet, for going far and beyond, as always!

We feel privileged to be a part of your ever growing network of people and services.

November 26, 2018

Darja Pollpeter

Annebet at New2NL was fantastic in helping us find a school for our 3.5 year old daughter and we are now very much looking forward to arriving in the Netherlands and starting at a great school after the summer break! Having missed the lottery deadline for groep 1 by quite a while, Annebet suggested and then helped us contact and schedule visits at individual schools. After we had basically decided on a school that we loved, we were unable to find a house to rent that met our needs near by (we found the rental market to be slow moving) and she was willing to go into another round of looking for schools closer to the area that we decided on moving to. It was a process of only a few weeks, but our thinking of what we are looking for in a school evolved quite a bit by talking to Annebet and the school representatives. Hiring her was helpful on several levels, not only for practicalities, but also for understanding the system, and to get a feel for experiences of other expats. Additionally I now feel like we made a very informed decision, which gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend her services to any parent moving to the Netherlands.

April 18

Yesim Unal Yildirim

We first got in touch with Annebet in 2018 March when we still live in Turkey. We got her name from one of our friend who also got professional consultant from her and was very happy with it. We sent her a mail asking many questions and she didn’t hesitate to answer them at all on the mail although we didn’t make any agreement/payment to her at that time. I was suprised since I was expecting a little or no advice at that point. Then we gave the decision to work with her afterseeing that she was the right person with professional know-how and kind personality. Throughout the process she’s been really helpful and she deeply understood our concerns. We had no idea about Dutch education systems and schools except the information we got from our friends in Amsterdam. First of all, we made a skype meeting and she got our intention directly. She got in contact with schools and arranged face-to-face meetings. We were interested in sending our kids to Public schools and it is difficult to get in touch with those schools without any Dutch and also without a home address in NL. At this point, Annebet saved our lives which I will not regret in my life that we made the decision working with her. I would like to thank her once again! I would absolutely recommend working with her.

May 16, 2018

Kara Kranzler Scott

I reached out to Annebet and scheduled a Skype session to discuss options for my four children, who will be ages 3, 4, 6 & 7 next school year. As an educator who has previously worked at an international school, I thought I could handle school selection myself. However, after being informed of the long wait pools at all of the international schools, I was forced to cast a wider net. I quickly realized that I needed advice on where to look and what, realistically, my options were. I began by asking my questions on a Dutch education FB group. After Annebet’s company was highly recommended to me no less than 10 times, I booked a call. She took time to thoroughly talk through my options and was able to give me a better understanding of the finer details that one cannot glean without physically having been to the school, such as its feeling, attitude, parent involvement and the like. By speaking with Annebet I was able to maximize my time when planning my school interview trip.

October 1, 2018

Tanaya Chaturvedi

When we were not happy with our choices of schools after the lottery, we contacted Annebet. Even though it was a last minute thing, she was very helpful in fitting us in and patiently answering all our (somewhat confused) questions. Her level of knowledge about the schools and processes in NL is amazing and she does her utmost to help you find the right place for your family. Highly recommended!

October 9, 2017

Emily Pines

Annebet has been very helpful for us as we begin to try and figure out how to structure our child’s education. We first went to a talk she gave to a group of expats, and followed up with a Skype call to hone in more specifically on what we are looking for and what our options are. I felt like we were in very good hands with someone who has a lot of knowledge on the subject, and am sure that we will reach out to her again as we continue the process. Highly recommended!

January 23, 2018

Manfred Krikke

Annebet helped us find a good school for our daughter summer when we moved to Amsterdam. Even though I am Dutch, the system has evolved since I was school age and her detailed knowledge of the schools, their methods, results, teachers, leadership and parent community was invaluable. She found us a spot in one of our preferred schools. Later when we wanted to make another change (both great schools), we called her to evaluate differences. She’s a pleasure to work and very efficient.

July 29, 2017

Michael Troughton

Invaluable. I highly recommend Annebet. The Dutch system is not hard to navigate…once you’ve had Annebet explain it to you and had her come along with you to all the open days at the schools!

March 22, 2018

Karin Folman

The one valuable information I came up with after hours of searching the web for education options in Amsterdam was New2nl contact details.

Annebet van Mameren quickly helped us navigate through school options based on our needs, concerns and aspirations. She is highly professional, thorough and knowledgeable but most importantly kind, empathetic, and effective! We had secured a school for our son in less then a week from meeting her.

Thank you Annebet. You are a super star.

July 2, 2015

Annebet has delivered high-quality information sessions on the Dutch education system for Shell staff in Amsterdam. This has been valuable for our expat staff who want to learn more about how to successfully navigate the system and what the options are for their children. When it comes to such an important topic, it is essential that the information comes from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source; with Annebet I have always felt we are in safe hands and I’ve been proud to partner with her.
Silla Haili

Focal Point,Outpost Amsterdam for Royal Dutch Shell

In 2015, our Economy Department from the Municipality of Leiden had an excellent collaboration with Annebet from New2nl. She updated the website texts about education in Leiden for us and for the Expat Centre Leiden, improving them and making them more user-friendly for (newly arrived) expats in our city. She also developed some digital texts related to education, such as a summary of the Dutch education system, a glossary and a checklist for expats about education.

Finally, she gave a seminar to our target group about education in the Netherlands, specifically the Leiden region. We are very satisfied with the entire process as it yielded strong texts and information for our international residents, local schools and for the Expat Centre and the Municipality of Leiden ourselves.

Bas van Meggelen

Senior Policy Advisor at the Economy Department of the Municipality of Leiden

Annebet has proved time and again that she has a broad knowledge and understanding not only of the school situation in the Netherlands but also the challenges that many of our assignees face when moving to the Netherlands. She thinks with the assignee in finding options, explains how the different school systems work and tryly has a grasp of all the isssues that international families can encounter.

As a relocation comapany, we find that New2NL not only supports the assignees but also keeps us indormed and in the loop of ongoing discussions and possible issuse that can affect the other services that we are authorized to assist the assignee with, such as Home Search. Also New2NL’s communication with the client has a very high level not only of information but also of professionality and personal warmth which we appreciate as we feel that New2NL/Annebet contributes to our team and the complete experience of Santa Fe.

All in all, we feel that with New2NL as part of our team we are able to provide our assignees with invaluable information and support about what most assignees consider critical to the acceptance and subsequent success of an assignment – their children and their education.

Relocation Department

Santa Fe Relocation Services

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