Start of primary school

Start of primary schoolBackpack

Is your child starting Dutch primary school?

Here is some information that will surely help to make this big step a little easier:

– Most schools organize a parent information evening (ouderavond/ouderkring) at the beginning of the school year for all parents of the children of a particular class. Often they also invite the parents of the children who are not yet 4, but already have a place at the school. This is an opportunity to meet the teachers and the other parents so you get a better understanding of what they do and how things work.

– It is usual that two parents volunteer to be a ‘class parent’ (=klassenouder). They keep the other parents updated (usually by email) about what is going on in the class and what is expected from the parents. Make sure that you get to know these parents and that you are on their mailing list.

– If you don’t speak Dutch, you could ask the class parents to regularly explain to you what is happening, so stopping you from missing anything.

– At most schools it is common that you can talk with the teacher about small things in the morning at drop-off time. If you have something bigger to discuss, they normally prefer that you make an appointment. Usually teachers appreciate it if you tell them right away when you don’t agree with something or if you have misunderstood something, rather than letting it escalate into a more serious issue.

Contact New2nl for a template, which the school admin can fill out with all relevant practical details about your child’s class.


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