Terms and conditions New2nl Navigate the Netherlands package

  1. New2nl Navigate the Netherlands Package

7.1. The Navigate the Netherlands Package is a collaboration between New2nl and some selected professional vendors to help international families navigate the Netherlands with ease.

7.2. All vendors have made one or two unique offers for the Navigate the Netherlands Package. The term “unique” as used herein means that the vendor is not allowed to provide these offers to or use these offers for parties other than the Clients of the Navigate the Netherlands Package.

7.3. The vendors are obliged to offer the clients the service and/or products the clients have selected for the set price. If they wish, clients may purchase other (additional) services or products from the vendor directly.

7.4. When buying the service or product, clients are required to leave their contact details and confirm their country of residence. The information about the country of residence will be used to establish possible VAT charges.

7.5. After making the payment, clients will receive a voucher which contains all purchase details, contact details of the provider and possible further instructions. At the same time, the vendors will get an automatic email containing the contact information of the clients.

7.6. The vendors will contact the clients within two working days after the payment has been made, and the vendors will arrange directly with the client how to proceed.

7.7. Vendors and clients arrange between themselves how and when the client gets their service or product and how and when any further payments are made (if applicable). The payment and delivery conditions of the vendor apply, as well as their return policy in case of physical products.

7.8. If the Client purchases a voucher with a variable price, the vendor will send them their contract. Only after signing the vendor contract does the Client become an official Client in terms of the Navigate the Netherlands package and is entitled to make use of the applicable discount and/or gift.

7.9. Vendors will provide the clients with a written order confirmation with their own delivery terms and conditions within 2 working days of the referral date.

7.10. Although New2nl has carefully selected all partner vendors for their high service level and quality of their products, New2nl cannot be held accountable for any errors made by the vendors in question.

7.11. In some cases, Dutch/EU sales tax will need to be added to the invoice, depending on the locations of both the client and the vendor, and the nature of the service or product provided. The vendor is solely responsible for applying the correct amount of sales tax. New2nl cannot be held accountable for wrongful application of VAT by any of the vendors.

7.12. The voucher shall not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances.

7.13. The voucher expires six months after the date of the purchase, unless clearly indicated otherwise.

7.14. All displayed amounts are in euros (€).


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