What a year it has been! Both on a business and a personal level, we have faced a lot of challenges. But also a lot of good things have come out of it.

And although fewer people have moved here during the pandemic, the families who did relocate, needed extra support. They had to arrange everything remotely, and because of the delay for the visa, cancellation of flights, quarantine, and other hiccups, a lot of appointments had to be rescheduled and rescheduled again. So, it has been busy, hectic, and frustrating at times, but it all did go well in the end. I am very proud of what we have accomplished.


New2NL 8 years









In the past year:

* Our client base has grown again, with families from many different countries – USA, UK, Turkey, Australia and South Africa being the majority. More about these interesting clients you can read here in this article: https://new2nl.com/the-story-and-numbers-behind-new2nl/.

* I have strengthened my relationships with some great corporate clients, for example, Netflix, Stryker, and SantaFe Relocations. I really enjoy working for them and helping their employees settle as quickly as possible in their new home country.

* I have given many webinars on the Dutch education system; at the invitation of companies and daycares, plus already five years for the municipality of Leiden.
* I have written and published articles on the Dutch education system for renown international magazines and websites. Read here my recent interview for Hustle Amsterdam:


* We have converted the Guide2NL into a non-profit organization. Guide2NL is the most versatile non-profit platform for internationals in the Netherlands, www.guide2nl.com.

Of course I have also made a treat for you: 

When you book a call for the first week of the summer vacation (July 12 – 15), you’ll get a 15% discount on the all-inclusive advisory service. 

Send an email with your preferred date & time to annebet@new2nl.com and don’t forget to quote *New2nl8*.


Annebet van Mameren