Giro 555 for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

New2NL strongly sympathizes with the people of Turkey and Syria after the devastating earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, which cost the lives of already more than 10,000 innocent people, and which left many other people injured and homeless.

The local and international humanitarian aid workers fear for even more victims. A lot of money, goods and other support is needed to help them save whoever they still can. And after all this, they can only start to think about rebuilding the damaged cities and towns.

Giro 555

New2NL has many Turkish clients who have moved, or will soon move, to the Netherlands. Many of them have lost their relatives, friends, (former) colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances. And I am extremely upset for the Syrians for whom this terrible earthquake has come on top of the already devastating civil war.

My heart goes out to all of you at this difficult time. Therefore, I have made a donation to Giro 555, the Dutch branch of the Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA).

It is hard to find the right words at a time like this. I am thinking of you and your loved ones, and sending caring thoughts your way.

Heart for Turkey and Syria