Unhappy with the election outcome? Welcome to the Netherlands!

Come to Amsterdam after US election

In case the election outcome made you think of leaving the US – we’ll help your family navigate the Netherlands.

Our expertise lies in the area of advising international parents on finding a suitable school for their children.


Why consider the Netherlands?

– Dutch children are among the happiest in the world
– High quality, state-funded education for everyone, with only a few people ending up with a student depth
– The Netherlands is one of the highest educated countries of the world
– Most people have a good work/life/family balance with many parents working part-time, and less pressure on working overtime
– Kids are allowed to be kids. They have little homework, don’t have to perform and may play, play, and play (and secretly learn a lot from it in the meantime)
– Full-time employees get at least 4 weeks paid holidays (for part-time employees the days off are calculated accordingly)
– One month extra salary in May as ‘vacation allowance’
– Affordable, high quality health care for everyone
– It is a safe place with a low crime rate
– Hosting people of 180 different nationalities, Amsterdam is one of the most diverse cities of the world
– There is a lot of culture and history to discover, and it is close to other interesting places
– It is a beautiful country
– While you’re at it, please bring some nice weather with you; we could use some more of that .



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