When moving to the Netherlands, the whole family is faced with the challenges of letting go of the old and getting used to the new. You may not speak the language and you may not understand the Dutch healthcare system quite yet, but you may find yourself in a situation where you would like to find your child(ren) or yourselves some support. At Expat Child Psychology we understand the challenges related to parenting, childcare, and moving internationally. We support the social and emotional needs of international children and their families through our Social Skills 4 Kids group courses, individual therapy sessions, parent support sessions and more.

Short bio:

Jet Sichterman, MSc Child & Adolescent Psychologist & Psychologist NIP observed how international families felt lost in the Dutch mental health care system. She realised how much of a challenge it was for parents to live in an unfamiliar country with a child who needed extra support and made it her mission to help international children thrive and to ensure their stories are seen and heard.

Contact details:

Jet Sichterman, Psychologist & founder of Expat Child Psychology
Koninginnegracht 101
2514 AL The Hague
Tel: +31(0)6-17072271

Expat Child Psychology is registered under No: 582 526 49 at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, the Netherlands.