Strength training for improved performance, fat loss, and increased energy. Your custom training programme is developed based on your biomechanics intake. As a biomechanics coach, I first gather movement information about your body that other personal trainers simply do not have. This tells me what alignment and movement inefficiencies need to be worked on, in order for you to build a more resilient, unrestricted, and stronger body. I also run a Wednesday morning boot camp and a Thursday evening strength training for runners class.

Short bio:

I am a triathlete, (ultra) marathon runner, personal trainer, biomechanics coach, and a hard-working, free moving woman :) I help people devote themselves to achieving a free moving body that is more efficient, injury free, and performs at a higher level than they thought possible. I moved out of the corporate world almost 10 years ago to move into Personal Training and now love to help people work on improving how their bodies function.

Contact details:

Lorna Wilson, Owner/Trainer at Wilson’s Workouts
Tel: +31 (0)6 46037774

Wilson’s Workouts is registered under No: 34322635 at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Are you looking for a faster performance this year with less chance of injury? Take your first step towards improving your training and results with Wilson's Workouts.   Our services include:
  • Personal Training
  • Boot Camp
  • Strength training for runners
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