Cristina Stoian Portraits offers THE GLAMOUR EXPERIENCE, which is the ultimate pamper session as a gift to yourself. There are so many elements to women, and to beautiful femininity. I’m proud to bring it all out in my portraits. I work to bring out different sides of people for different purposes, or for different types of women. It all really depends on my model. Women are so powerful, dramatic and natural, and this all deserves to be seen.

I want everyone to be able to see the beautiful, natural, confident woman in us of all. Many women become one-sided in their femininity, and become used to showing only a certain person to the world. They often have misguided opinions of themselves and their bodies that have developed over the years. They may be used to only being the mother, the career woman, the girlfriend, or the daughter. In my shoots, we figure out what side is bursting to come through and, together, we’ll show it.

Short bio:

My name is Cristina and I’m a portrait photographer. I’ve learned through the years that photographing the lives and hearts of women runs so much deeper than just getting your picture taken. It’s an emotional experience, one that exposes vulnerabilities, but all the while empowers and uplifts. I want every woman to have this experience: one where she realizes her beauty is unmistakable and the role that she plays in this world is both irreplaceable and imperative. My promise to you is that once you step in front of my camera, this will happen.

And it’s an experience you won’t forget. I look forward to seeing you in my studio.

Contact details: 

Cristina Stoian – General Manager at Cristina Stoian Portraits

Willem Beukelsstraat 42
1097 CT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)626725301