Your welcome session will start in a local cafe where you meet up with your private Flowently tutor. Learn how to pronounce Dutch street names and practice your first Dutch ‘magic phrase’. What would you like to know about your new city and neighbourhood? Ask your tutor! For families with children this session can take place at your house as well.


Learn Dutch on the go with a private tutor. Choose a session which suits you and develop natural Dutch conversation skills in a fun and realistic context. Whether you choose to learn Dutch through Skype sessions or live sessions, learning a language has never been this easy. Check out our wide range of sessions you can choose from. The tutors are available from 8am to 10pm from Monday to Sunday, for 1 or 2 people.


Are you an international and do you want to feel comfortable at work and learn useful Dutch? Learn specific vocabulary related to your work or business and practice business conversations with your private tutor. And last but not least, learn some ‘magic phrases’ for your social chat at the coffee machine.


Finding your way in a new country brings about many challenges!

Some of our tutors have been expats themselves and can help you with useful information. You can use your session for very practical information and ask for information about the healthcare system, education and school systems, insurance, local taxes, energy, housing, municipality services, celebrations or anything else that might pop up. Prevent misunderstanding, share your culture shock, practice Dutch conversation and learn about the huge impact of small words and intonation. Find a tutor to discuss all the ins and outs of Dutch family life, traditions, customs and learning Dutch over a cup of tea.


Can your child use a helping hand to learn Dutch? To feel more confident and happy to make contact with Dutch friends? For these children sessions a tutor can come to your house. We offer creative, practical programmes for children, learning by playing. Help your child feel happy!

Short bio:

Hi there, my name is Anja and I am the founder of Flowently.
I started my first language school in 2000, so I have been teaching Dutch to expats in Amsterdam for quite some years. Here, I noticed that the greatest struggle for those who are learning a language is to put what you learn into practice; the question “How do I use what I have learned in a classroom in real life, and start feeling comfortable in my new language?” is also the most frequently asked one.
Searching for a fresh approach to close this gap, wondering how we can make learning a language more flexible, practical, interesting, social and more fun, I have created a new concept:

Flexible: we offer sessions from 8am to 10pm from Monday to Sunday.
Practical: your tutor will ask you ‘what do you want to learn, what is your language goal, short/long term’.
Interesting: our tutors offer a wide variety of professional backgrounds and interests.
Social: explore the city with your personal local tutor, and go where the locals go.
Fun: no explanation needed!
Our number of enthusiastic students – and tutors – is growing every month.
It is our mission to make you feel at home in your new country.

Contact details:

Anja Vreeburg, Founder and director at Flowently Learn Dutch
Azartplein 79
1019 PB Amsterdam
Tel: +31(0)6 4133 9323

Flowently's unique live language sessions will help you develop natural conversation skills by exploring real life situations with a personal tutor. Learn what you want, whenever & wherever, customised flexibility. A fresh approach to learning a language!   Our services include:
  • Learn Dutch welcome session
  • Dutch courses for beginners
  • Social & work related Dutch
  • Expat life & learning Dutch
  • Dutch courses for children
You can book these sessions whenever and wherever suits you and learn what is relevant to you.   SPECIAL Guide2nl OFFER:
When you book a 1,5 Learn Dutch Welcome Session you will receive the book 'Dutch on the go' for free.
  OFFERED BY: Anja Vreeburg, Founder and director at Flowently Learn Dutch Flowently - Anja Vreeburg     Flowently Logo               Click on the 'I am interested' button and leave your details in the pop-up window. Anja Vreeburg from Flowently Learn Dutch will contact you shortly to give you more information about their high quality services.   Please find more detailed info below under 'DESCRIPTION'.