JAN© helps companies and individuals save taxes, get subsidies and outsource their (business) administration.

• Experience: decades of experience in both Dutch and international tax & accounting matters

• Quick service: our flat and lean business structure enables us to get back to you quickly and help you in a very time-efficient manner

• Reliability of certified accountants and tax consultants: our people have all the top degrees in our field and are obligated to update their knowledge continuously.

Short bio:

My name is Ognjen Soldat. I was born in Bosnia and moved to the Netherlands when I was ten years old—so in a sense I’m an expat myself :-). After finishing a master’s in Business Administration and Fiscal Economics 10 years ago, I started working as a tax advisor. I have worked for several large, well-known accounting firms but also smaller and ‘leaner’ companies such as JAN©, with 150 employees. Based in four offices close to Amsterdam and Leiden (Purmerend, Zwanenburg, Rijnsburg, Weesp), there’s always a JAN© office nearby.

I have a lot of experience in tax (savings) structures for those who wish to start a business in the Netherlands, or move a business to the country. But also if you are employed and/or have a family and wish to make use of the numerous tax advantages and subsidies in the Netherlands, you are very welcome to talk your opportunities through with me.

Contact details: 

Ognjen Soldat MSc, Tax Consultant at JAN© Accountants and Tax Advisors
Dennenlaan 16
1161 CR Zwanenburg
Tel: +31(0)88 2202321 or +31(0)6 81208711