The Amsterdam secondary school lottery – Dedicated webinar on Tuesday, 21 February, 8 – 10 pm CET.

Is your child in group 8 in Amsterdam this year? Then you are undoubtedly very busy researching into secondary schools now. 

This webinar will help you through the (rather complicated) secondary school lottery process.

Sign up for the (free) webinar here.

You probably already knew that you’ll have to submit a list of four (VMBO B/K), six (VMBO-t), or twelve (Havo/VWO) schools before March 16th. 

But; which schools should make the list?

Amsterdam secondary school guide 2023

This is a tough process; which; as a mother of a child who is now in the first year of secondary school, I experienced myself last year as well. 

As an independent education consultant for international families; I am understandably getting a lot of questions about the overall process and specific schools. Luckily, after two long years, parents are allowed to visit the schools again. But, I haven’t been inside all the school buildings (yet). 

For this reason, I have called in my friend Emma van Nifterick for assistance. She knows a lot about the Amsterdam schools; as a parent; but also from an organizational and statistical point of view. Emma’s older child is currently in the 3rd year of secondary school; and when they were looking for schools; they managed to physically visit almost every school within the Ring highway (!).

Date webinar: Tuesday; 21 February 2023 – Time: 8 – 10 pm CET

When signing up for the webinar; please let us know which schools you are interested in; and we’ll do our best to collect the answers. And maybe the other participants have to add some valuable information as well.

Hopefully; in this way; we will collectively manage to make an optimal school list. 

I’m sorry; unfortunately we are not able to influence the outcome of the lottery 😉

If you already have questions now, don’t hesitate to ask them through annebet@new2nl.com. They will be answered during the webinar. 

Can’t attend the live webinar? No problem! Go ahead and sign up. We’ll send the recording to everyone who registers for the event.

Do you need personal education advice? Book a video call through the New2NL website.

I have made a Doodly video to explain the Dutch secondary school system and the options for higher education. Hopefully this will help you in your preparations.

‘See’ you on the 21st!