Webinar primary school Amsterdam

Webinar: The Amsterdam primary school lottery: Wednesday, May 29; 8 – 9:30pm CEST

Was your child born between January 1st and April 30th, 2021, and do you live in Amsterdam?

Then your school lottery deadline is Thursday, June 6th.

You’ll have to hand in your application form at the first school of your preference, in person.

It does not matter when you hand in the form, provided you do so before the deadline.

On this form you rank at least five schools in order of your preference. Please note that this only applies to schools that take part in the central lottery.

You have equal priority for the eight central schools closest to your house. You may also list schools where you don’t have priority, but you should realize that your chances will be smaller there.

Sounds confusing? During this free webinar, Annebet van Mameren from New2nl will explain you how it all works.

Sign up via Eventbrite, and we’ll send you a Teams link.

Do you have any other questions? Ask them in the Q&A!

‘See’ you on the 29th!


Can’t attend the live webinar? No problem! Go ahead and sign up.

We’ll send the recording to everyone who registers for the event.


Some more resources:

  • In this article I wrote for Expatica you can learn more about the Dutch primary schools: www.expatica.com/nl/education/children-education/primary-schools-in-the-netherlands-150741/.
  • I have contributed to this The Dutch Way of Learning video, a mini-documentary about the Dutch education system, www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyJ7GWyeBIY. This is a part of the ‘Feeling at Home in the Netherlands’ series produced by Global Business Academy for International Newcomers Amsterdam (IN Amsterdam) and the municipality of Amstelveen.
  • I am very proud to have contributed to the ‘THE SCHOOL OF THE OTHERS‘-series for DYNAMIS, the Journal of Philosophy and Educational Practices of the Campostrini Centre in Verona, Italy. The title of my paper is: “The School of the Others. The Netherlands – A comprehensive overview of the Dutch education system and the challenges it is facing”. https://dynamis.centrostudicampostrini.it/index.php/fogli/article/view/mameren/articolo5. It has become a detailed description of the Dutch education system, and all the challenges it is currently facing.

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